Scientific and production company "Research Center" was established in September 6, 1993 on the base of one of the laboratories of NPO "Vector" – a lead scientific institution of Microbiological Industry in the USSR.

The major production areas and laboratory facilities are about 30 000 sq.m. and located in industrial zone of Koltsovo Science Town (Novosibirsk region, RF).

Development of preparations is a priority in the area of scientific researches.

The company develops and produces the preparations which:
- improve human health, health of farm and wild animals, poultry, fish, bees, etc.;
- stimulate the healthy development of plants;
- suppress putrefactive processes in water reservoirs of artificial or natural origins;
- design the optimal composition of microbial community of the water environments for life and functional activity of fish, shrimps, crabs and other aquaculture;
- make soil formation and/or restore soil composition which can provide optimum conditions for healthy plant growth, and hence functional activity of plants and agricultural productivity are improved.

Improvement of the organism’s health with the help of the developed preparations and methods by the company is in restoring and/or maintaining the functional activity at a level corresponding to the genetic potential of systems which ensure homeostasis – the ability of the organism to maintain chemical and cell stability. In particular, it promotes the most effective responses of a specific organism to external infections.

The effects of the preparation for improving body's health are observed in the following:
- the body’s resistance to any infective agents, toxins, stresses is enhanced;
- duration of infectious diseases is reduced;
- the efficacy of chemotherapeutical agents is increased in combined medical treatment and health improving procedures;
- a substantial part of negative effects of drugs on the body is avoided or eliminated.

Owing to reduction in expenses for drugs and disinfecting agents, reduction in feed conversion and a shorter rearing period, improvement of livestock safety and respectively, increase in profitability of a production process, cost savings are achieved in agricultural animals and poultry breeding.

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